ArGe Schlosskirche Buch - Über Uns

Susanne Keller

Olaf Schwieger

Marc Jordi

Jan Raue

The ArGe Schlosskirche Buch was founded in 2021 and consists of Prof. Jan Raue, Dipl.-Rest. Olaf Schwieger, Arch. Marc Jordi, Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Susanne Keller.

The main areas of activity include the restoration of the destroyed wooden tower and the reconstruction of the interior of the Castle Church in Berlin-Buch. The interior with the high dome is one of the most beautiful baroque room creations in northern Germany.

In addition, the ArGe also works on other projects that include both restoration and architectural services:

  • inventories
  • preliminary investigations
  • expert opinion
  • restoration and architectural specialist planning
  • restorational and architectural specialist site management

F. l. t. r. : Marc Jordi, Susanne Keller, Jan Raue, Olaf Schwieger