Jordi & Keller Architects - About Us

The architecture office was founded in Berlin in 1996 as a private partnership and consists of Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Susanne Keller and Arch. Marc Jordi.

Corporate name Keller-Günther-Jordi Architekten until 2008 with Dipl.-Ing. Arch. Hans Günther †.

The major focus of our activity is on building his­tory studies in the con­text of urban-plan­ning assess­ments and new building pro­jects, es­pecial­ly in the sen­sitive areas of historic city centers and archaeo­logical ex­cavation sites. Further­more, we focus on plan­ning and assis­tance in the creation of building tasks for culture, re­furbish­ment and ex­tension of existing buildings, as well as concept, design and execution of exhibitions. Since 2012, Jordi and Keller are the chief architects for the medieval epis­copal church of St. Marien in Berlin.

Susanne Keller

*1963 in Essen. Studied Architecture and Urban Plan­ning at the Uni­versity of Dort­mund and as part of a scholar­ship at the Poli­tecnico di Milano. Since 1994 she lives and works as an archi­tect in Berlin. 1996 founding of Keller-Günther-Jordi Archi­tekten GbR with Hans Günther, since 2008 Jordi & Keller Archi­tekten GbR in Berlin. Occasional guest reviews at the TU Berlin and lec­tures at home and abroad. 2022 - 03/2023 interim ad­minis­tra­tive director (construction) of the House of One Foun­dation – Bet- und Lehrhaus Berlin.

Marc Jordi

*1967. Did an apprenticeship as a structural draught­sman and studied at the HTL of the Canton of Bern. From 2008-10 he was lec­turer at the ISR (Institute for Urban and Regional Plan­ning) at the TU Berlin for urban design. Occasionally he com­ments on ur­ban plan­ning, archi­tecture and his­toric preser­vation in german leading media. Beside his archi­tectural practice, he works as a sculptor, graphic artist and photographer:

F. l. t. r. : Alexander Pellnitz (Jordi Keller Pellnitz Architects), Olaf Schwieger (ArGe Schlosskirche Buch), Conrad Gläser, Thadeus Petersohn, Susanne Keller, Matti Lohmeyer (Project Manager), Benjamin Wagner (Project Manager), Ulrich Rausch, Marc Jordi